The Nipple March!

Once the decision was made, to move to an island off the coast of Panama, everything has been what I call the "March of the Nipples" to our final destination. Moving SUCKS! I think everyone can agree with this. It just plain sucks. It sucks when you go from one end of town to another because you got a bigger place now that your family is growing. Or downsizing as many of my friends are experiencing now as our children move out and begin lives of their own. But moving to another country is a whole different beast and one I did not quite realize was in fact THIS intense!

The first step was looking at our stuff and thinking what do we want to store, what do we want to send and what will we live without. Its a very strange, yet sort of freeing thing to do. And in all fairness, we don't need much. We have SOOOOO much stuff and I like to think I am a fairly good purger and do not like hording things, not many nick nacks, etc....But hols STUFF! We had so much stuff! The first step was getting a storage unit for the stuff we did plan to keep. Guess what? The important shit......It fills 5-8 plastic crates. That's it! Our entire life, our entire 20 years of marriage, two kids and many dogs later fits into 5-8 large plastic crates! The ONLY things we saved are family photos/videos, tax and other important docs and a few decoration-like items (gifted to us from someone we love). That's it! No furniture, no kitchen appliances, no wall hangings, NADA!

We went back and forth what to send, what not to send. Obviously, sending something across an ocean is expensive and we learned most of the time buying it new makes more sense. With this said, we decided to send one pallet (40x48x80) of stuff. The cost to do so was somewhat reasonable ($1300) and based on cubic inch of space versus weight. So we filled fifteen, 27 gallon yellow and black totes from Home Depot and one tall canvas tent bag of our stuff and away it went! As we filled the totes, we tried to send things we would need and would be nice to have. Like linens.....Nick and I learned sleep and the quality of our sleep is VERY important and we do splurge on nice high-end linens, pillows, mattresses, etc....So we did send most of our king linens and some queen linens for our Isabelle. We also bought some items for the hotel we heard is hard to get and sent those down as well. Its funny because we had to send them last week (end of Oct) in order to get them at the end of November. I am already looking forward to getting our stuff! lol

So now that everything we want to keep is now in storage or on its way to Panama, everything else remaining needs to go! So, its a selling, donating, and garbage frenzy! People frustrate me with how cheap they are but I also LOVE finding a deal so I get both sides! Its just stuff. Stuff can be replaced if needed and i'm finding its not even really needed.

Every day is a focus on the March of the Nipples! Making sure we have crossed every T and dotted every I is very important. There are an incredible amount of things to consider to get everyone down safely. And this is my biggest fear right now, we missed something and someone will be turned away at the border.......We have done everything we can to ensure it doesn't happen but its possible so until we are all on the ground and cleared customs, I will be holding

my breath!

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